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30. January 2019


Three new journals for the MENA region

Dear colleagues,

I hope that you had a great start in 2019. The Middle East and North African region has around 381 Million people and therefore constitute about 6% of the world’s population. Despite a significant number of first-class scientists and researchers from the MENA region is living abroad, many others do still live and work there. This can be easily identified by the yearly amount of submissions and publications in medical and science-related journals. Likewise, many submissions and publications in dentistry by scientists, clinicians and experts from the MENA region can be observed in respected journals such as “Quintessence International”, “European Journal of Oral Implantology” and many others. Despite the significant amount of contributions from the MENA region, it is also clear that many high-quality research or clinical submissions still do not see the light, primarily due to the capacity limits of individual journals to accept submissions. It is not surprising that many scientists and academicians are frustrated with the vortex of submission and rejection and moving on to submit in another journal with the hope to get the paper accepted and published. The ultimate goal of stepping into this “game” is to fulfill the requirements needed for career promotion or sharing expertise with colleagues.

In an effort to facilitate acceptance and publishing as many high-quality papers as possible from this region, I am pleased to announce that Quintessence Publishing has decided to offer an exciting opportunity for scientists and experts to publish their papers in three new journals, which are dedicated to the MENA region, yet maintain international flavor and exposure. The journals will focus on scientific research and innovations MENA DENTAL SCIENCE, clinical expertise and applications MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY as well as introduction of the work of young talented researchers, dentists, graduates and technicians MENA DENTAL TALENTS. All of these journals will help thereby researchers, clinicians and institutions to expedite the publishing process and gain international exposure of their work. The first journal, MENA DENTAL SCIENCE, will be an open-access one, enabling quick availability of findings to a broad audience. Combined with the high-quality standards, common to all Quintessence Publishing Journals, this journal is expected to quickly gain an impact factor. The need of libraries, scientific associations and research funders to have scientific articles freely accessible will be met with affordable Article Processing Charges (APC).

MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY will be a freemium journal, where a selected number of papers will be accessible for free and the rest will be accessible via subscription. This journal aims to spread the knowledge about the high-quality clinical work by clinicians and experts in the field.

MENA DENTAL TALENTS will also be an open-access journal. It aims to provide young dentists and researchers (under the age of 40) the opportunity to present themselves to the broad community of the discipline. To aid the young scientist or clinician with the opportunity to publish the work without financial hurdles, the APCs will be covered equally by Quintessence Publishing as well as an industry partner. Each year, the best scientific paper and the best clinical work will be awarded with a prize that will be announced and handed during the AEEDC Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I look forward to an exciting opportunity for all colleagues in the MENA region that will ultimately help in spreading the knowledge and improving patient care.

Wael Att


DDS, Dr Med Dent, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Prosthodontics
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
One Kneeland St., Suite 220
Boston, MA 02111

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