MENA Information

1. March 2019

What is the aim of Quintessence Publishing Middle East North Africa?

Many submissions and publications in dentistry by scientists, clinicians and experts from the MENA region can be observed in respected journals such as “Quintessence International”, “European Journal of Oral Implantology” and many others. Despite the significant amount of contributions from the MENA region, it is also clear that many high-quality research or clinical submissions still do not see the light, primarily due to the capacity limits of individual journals to accept submissions.

In an effort to facilitate acceptance and publishing as many high-quality papers as possible from this region, Quintessence Publishing has decided to offer an exciting opportunity for scientists and experts to publish their papers in three new journals.

Why are there three journals instead of one?

Many of Quintessence Publishing international print journals have a mixture of scientific articles and clinical case reports. This is due to the need of professional societies to cover both areas of dentistry for their interested members.

With our online only journals, we want focus the content either in the scientific field or in the clinical field. With MENA DENTAL SCIENCE, we want to provide scientists and scientifically interested dentists with an offer tailored to their needs. With the clear focus on scientific content, we want to quickly generate a high impact factor. MENA DENTAL SCIENCE is aimed more at practitioners in clinical dentistry. MENA DENTAL TALENTS offers young talents of both sectors a platform to show their excellence to the world of dentistry.

What is the scope of MENA DENTAL SCIENCE?

The journal serves the overview of high-class science. The aim of the journal is to document excellence in all areas of dental science from experts of the MENA region, especially those from Universities or larger clinics. Manuscripts are welcome but not limited to basic research, materials research, applied research, clinical research and epidemiology.

What is the scope of MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY?

The journal serves the presentation of interesting, rare and exciting cases. It also serves to present new treatment concepts and procedures. Dentists at universities and clinics, but also from individual practices, write for the journal of MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY.

What is the scope of MENA DENTAL TALENTS?

This journal provides young dentists the opportunity to demonstrate their talent in the field of science and clinics to the dental community. A less rigorous review process and the absence of Article Processing Charges allows young dentists and scientists to publish on Quintessence Publishing with less hurdles.

Where can I submit my manuscript?

No matter whether you want to publish in the Journal of MENA DENTAL SCIENCE, the Journal of MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY or MENA DENTAL TALENTS, please submit your manuscript at www.manuscriptmanager.com/mena.

Which of the three Journals are Open Access?

MENA DENTAL SCIENCE and MENA YOUNG TALENTS are fully open access journals. MENA CLINICAL DENTISTRY is a freemium journal. In which only some selected articles are free accessible, and the rest are paid articles.

What are the Article Processing Charges (APCs) for MENA DENTAL SCIENCE?

The Article Processing Charges for MENA DENTAL SCIENCE is 1.200 €.

Do I have to pay the APCs on my own?

It depends. Many university libraries and institutes have budgets to make scientific content free available. We recommend to ask your authorities.

When do I have to pay the APCs?

The APCs need to be paid after acceptance of the article.

Are there APCs for the Journal of MENA DENTAL TALENTS?

No, the APCs are covered by Quintessence Publishing and our industry partners, to enable young talents to publish without any hurdles.

I come from the MENA region but now I am working in another region. Can I publish in MENA Journals?

Yes. The MENA Journals are dedicated to experts that life in the MENA Region or that have been emerged from there.